Business Matchmaking

Business Matchmaking

Have you considered the Netherlands as a possible market for your IT business expansion but stalled because of the investment needed? There is an easier and more profitable way to enter the market and could help you with that – with a vast network of companies in the Netherlands, via business matchmaking services will help you make necessary introductions in order to begin your operation in the country.

Our business matchmaking program could be perfectly suited to all business sizes – from IT start-ups to international corporations and is adapted according to your needs and requirements – together with your business representatives, we will define what kind of contacts could be the most profitable for you.

Do you need additional support before events to get meetings lined up – we can either help you with email campaigns or phone calls to have your agenda’s properly filled. With our event support we can make sure your people can focus on the new clients while we make sure the facilities and the press are there where you want them to be at a time you want them to be there!

Finishing up an event you are always looking for the right ROI. If you do not have the resources needed to follow up with your clients ask us to help follow through with your prospects. In addition to setting up the meetings, we can assist in preparations and also lead you all the way to signing up the contracts.

We specialize exclusively in the IT industry and have more than 14 years of experience in the market. Every day we talk to entrepreneurs about their business, vision, the future of the technology and are well aware of the current market situation in the Netherlands, therefore can offer top-notch low cost and low risk business matchmaking solution.

“ arranged a B2B matchmaking in Rotterdam. I was amazed by their dedication, discipline and passion. The team would not only perform the duties meticulously, they would go above and beyond to ensure the result is yielded. I, as a client and beneficiary from their service, highly recommend for any future networking, selling or coordinating activities.” – Shaer Hassan, CEO at Nascenia