Corporate Identity Development

Corporate Identity Development

A company’s business style is a direct translation of its own corporate identity. Clients, associates, family, and friends have to be able to understand what your technology company stands for at a single glance. Are you hip? Are you conservative? Are you technically oriented? Your corporate identity must be depicted in the way you communicate, in the way your employees dress, or in the in-house communication style they use. That is why in our team we have exceptional communication specialists, in addition to the best designers. Therefore, we are perfectly able to convert your business style into a strong brand, with prominent wordmark and logo.

Developing a corporate identity is often very time consuming. Starting entrepreneurs often try to do something themselves or let a ‘friend’ do something for them. Practice indicates that professional thinking from the get-go is essential for the growth and continuity of the company.

The development of the corporate identity takes place in three steps:

  1. Briefing: after we have discussed your wishes together, we will get started with the development of some elaborate ideas.
  2. Feedback: after the first ideas have been submitted, we would like to receive your feedback with explanations so that we can perform any corrections if needed.
  3. Rounding off: When you are satisfied, you will receive the designs (logo design and other related materials) in the most common file formats such as ‘ready-to-use’ .png or source files in .eps and/or .ai.

Why working with is worth considering:

We specialize exclusively in the IT industry and have more than 20 years of experience in the market. Every day we talk to entrepreneurs about their business, vision and the future of the technology. In order to be able to understand the look and feel (“corporate identity”) of companies, on the one hand, you need a certain technical basis and on the other, you need to be ‘up-to-speed’ with new trends and developments.

It is our hope that companies that are innovative, will be willing to expand their boundaries and seek new ways to express themselves while keeping us informed when encountering challenges.

“The team of knew well what they were doing. Based on a detailed briefing, they provided great help with getting our IT startup off the ground.” – Menno Haesen, Managing Partner at ITS GINI.