Event Strategy and Management

Event Strategy and Management

Event agencies usually organize various events from restaurant openings to business conferences and therefore can’t spend enough time delving into the challenges your business is facing. Cloudsuppliers.net approaches this differently – with a deep knowledge, 14 years of experience in the market, and specialization in IT, we are well aware of the everyday life of such companies and know what event strategy best fits technology business interests.

Cloudsuppliers.net prefers managing and supporting content driven events. What is a content driven event:

  • According to our philosophy, business events without commercial goals and clear ideas behind them shouldn’t take place. In consultation with you, we will fine-tune your commercial goals. Based on this, you will receive event strategy and management proposals regarding the idea and the content of your IT event, presentations and visitor databases.
  • You will be given the opportunity to choose from different top-notch industry experts and enthusiastic speakers who will engage your audience in topics like cloud computing, IoT, the effective use of a Partner Channel, or, for example, the latest GDPR legislation.
  • Together with the fine-tuning of the target audience and the content, we can also provide a complete PR campaign for the event, both nationally and internationally, so your data centre, hosting provider or network organization maximizes its return on investment.

Does a content driven event take part in forming a content marketing strategy? Yes and no. Cloudsuppliers.net preferably manages the events with a strong focus on ROI. This may be both with a short-term and a long-term focus. Content marketing is especially applicable, however, to companies with long-term results in mind. Many companies within the IT or ICT industry still lack this, because they have not yet adopted this approach in their budgeting and planning.

As much as content driven events are excellent additions to long-term vision strategies, they are also a powerful PR tool on their own for smaller organizations.

“I’m very happy with the work Cloudsuppliers.net carried out during our conference “IT Business & Trade Summit” and beforehand – it had a huge success on our brand awareness, we became more visible internationally and due to that, the next step we are planning to take is developing our business to foreign markets” – Donatas Zaveckas, CEO at BTT Group.