Social Selling Training

Social Selling Training

Sales managers know that differences between business developers in a global arena can vary enormously. Some B2B sellers can reach their sales targets with just a few prospects, other salespeople can achieve their goals through an extensive networking. The question is how have they become so successful and how can we copy this process across as many employees as possible.

Companies and individuals within the IT industry have a relatively equivalent product or service. They all do the same. The difference is, on one side, in the presentation and on the other – in the operational conduct.

Social selling does not necessarily replace your current processes, it enhances them and entails the art of letting customers come to you. You are the central point of this process. You share knowledge online through several social media channels that your prospect follows, and interact with your followers via the tips you share, articles you write, videos you are featured in, and webinars you give.

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Social Selling voor hosting providers en datacenters

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