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Workshops AI & Robotica

Workshops AI & Robotica… de basis

Workshops AI & Robotica… the basics

The workshops are highly interactive and intensive. The goal is for participants to really go home with something valuable, so the sessions are well prepared and tailored to the participants.

There are 3 basic variants that can be arranged flexibly: the workshops can be fully customized (as long as the topic involves AI & Robotics). Free intake will be preceded by a meeting in which all wishes and expectations are discussed. It is for example possible to make the course a part of a larger program, such as several sessions at multiple events. Linking to other projects or initiatives, possibly with partners? A roundtable / interview with e.g. someone from the construction industry? All possible.

To give you an idea of the possibilities the 3 basic variants are explained below.

Workshop type 1: Crashcourse in AI

The most approachable workshop is a “crash-course in AI and Robotics. In this interactive presentation, basic concepts and principles of AI, among others, are explained, and the (im)possibilities of these technologies are shown through practical cases and demonstrations. The session lasts about 1.5 hours.

Workshop type 2: Working out AI / Robotics use cases with 1 single company

A selection of 20 people, all working at the same company, will brainstorm in a single session of 6 hours or in 2x 4 hours about the role AI & Robotics can play within their organization. To this end, participants will work together in groups of up to 5 people. Each group will be guided by a moderator. Depending on the technical level of the participants, the moderator will be assisted by a technical expert to think along in terms of content. The group sessions are interspersed with plenary presentations, such as the crash course in AI. At the end of the workshop, each group presents the use case they consider most promising to the other groups.

Upon completion of the workshop:

Costs for separate workshops depend on the size of the group, how much Cloudsuppliers has to arrange itself (location, catering, etc.) and whether the workshop is part of a larger process (e.g. an innovation project at the client).

Workshop type 3: Working out AI / Robotics use cases with multiple companies.

Unlike workshop 2, here we work with multiple companies at the same time. Again, work is done in groups of up to 5 people, and group sessions are interspersed with presentations. A short briefing is set up with each group in advance to discuss potential use cases they would like to bring in. Based on this, presentations are developed. Again, the total duration is about 6 hours, or 2 x 4 hours.

Feedback from participants of the AI & Robotics Workshops

“Technically very deep yet easy to follow. I would have liked more time, the moderator and engineer we sat at the table with really brought me to new insights.” NXP Semiconductors

“It was incredibly cool to see how different perspectives were brought together from within the organization, and then used to develop concrete ideas.” Jan de Rijk Logistics

“The possibilities of AI are tremendous and necessary to improve our business. I also now realize that we really have to go deeper into our own processes to make sure we can make proper use of this technology.” Signify


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