Corporate Social Responsibility

Cloudsuppliers and Terres des Hommes

“Did you know that worldwide 1 in 10 children are still used for child labor? It is almost unimaginable to believe that this happens, yet it is happening on a large scale. Being a father of two myself, this concerns me. Children are the purest people in this world and deserve to determine their own future. Besides my position as director and entrepreneur, I think it is important that something changes for these children and we can do this together.

Terre des Hommes is an organization dedicated to helping children who are sold, beaten, abused or forced to work. The rights of millions of children are violated on a massive scale to this day. Terres des Hommes is fighting against this to stop the exploitation of children.

We, at Cloudsuppliers, like Terres des Hommes think the future of children is very important. Currently we are helping young people and they are being coached and mentored. We do this for example by giving guest lectures at the MBO in Haarlem. Just like Terres des Hommes, we fully support the “teach a man to fish” principle. This means that people learn certain skills to provide for themselves.

Would you like to contribute to the work of Terre des Hommes? Then donate here, or fight against child exploitation in another way!

Mark Karsch
Director / owner