Client cases - Content and Lead Generation for Worldwide Services

Client Case: Content and Lead Generation for Worldwide Services

Cloudsuppliers entered into a collaboration with Worldwide Services as part of a marketing campaign. Worldwide Services provides managed IT, cybersecurity and network infrastructure services internationally. The collaboration came to fruition after Mark Karsch (owner of Cloudsuppliers) met Marc Ziccardi (marketing manager at Worldwide Services).

“I met Mark, the CEO of Cloudsuppliers, at a networking event. It quickly became clear that Cloudsuppliers was the right organization to hire for website optimization and content creation for our company Worldwide Services. They supported us in multiple areas, including our content strategy and lead generation. They also coached our sales team in order to ensure a more effective outreach campaign.” – Marc Ziccardi, marketing manager at Worldwide Services

The Importance of a Good Website for IT Companies

A company’s website is inherently interlinked with its identity. A website is a digital hub where you can tell your brand’s story and describe your services while addressing your target audience’s pain points. For this reason, it’s essential for tech companies to have a solid website with content written specifically for the IT market.

At Cloudsuppliers, we mainly use WordPress for our clients’ websites. WordPress is still the most popular CMS in the world. In 2023, 43.2% of all websites worldwide use this platform to operate their website.

The Importance of a Good Website for IT Companies

One of the reasons why we use WordPress is because of its easy integration with other marketing channels. For example, WordPress offers many options for search engine optimization (SEO) right out of the box – and additionally through many plugins. It’s also relatively easy to set up lead generation pages on the platform. We can then drive traffic to these pages through various other channels – including social media marketing.

Social Media Marketing in the IT Industry

LinkedIn is still the primary social media platform for B2B companies. It’s simply the marketing channel with the most business-centered community, which allows B2B companies to find the most qualified leads.

However, many companies aren’t using LinkedIn to it’s full potential, leaving many opportunities on the table. Many IT companies are still using LinkedIn to share links to their blog posts, without adding any unique value.

By creating unique content specifically for LinkedIn, your company can stand out and position itself as a true authority within its industry.

How Cloudsuppliers Helped Worldwide Services

Cloudsuppliers optimized Worldwide Services’ website. We designed the WordPress backend more efficiently en optimized the frontend for conversions. We also improved the navigation in order to create a clearer customer journey. Apart from the technical aspects of the website, we also wrote and edited the content for the service pages.

“Worldwide Services offers a broad range of services, which makes it crucial to communicate their message in a well-organized manner. You want to avoid overwhelming the visitor with excessive information, and instead want to create a logical structure for them to easily navigate throughout the website.” – Tom Ligtvoet, online strategist and project manager at Cloudsuppliers

Additionally, Cloudsuppliers wrote promotional content for Worldwide Services’ social media, regarding their presence at several events. We also supported their sales team by offering coaching and advisory services, and offered additional support with lead generation.

Worldwide Services also has a sister company called Worldwide Supply, which focuses on the hardware market. They’re a middleman that closes the gap between the supply and demand of IT hardware. Cloudsuppliers also provided marketing services to Worldwide Supply within the context of this marketing campaign – notably on their website.

Why Did Worldwide Services Choose Cloudsuppliers?

There are many agencies that offer marketing and webdesign services, but few focus on a specific niche.

As an IT-focused marketing agency, we at Cloudsuppliers have a unique understanding of how to position an IT company in the market. We combine our knowledge of IT, hosting, data centers and cloud with our marketing expertise. This makes Cloudsuppliers the ideal partner for IT companies.

“At Cloudsuppliers we have commercial know-how, but also a deep understanding of technology. This allows us to think from our clients’ perspective, and to tell a story that truly fits their brand. We understand our clients because we aren’t just marketers, but also tech enthusiasts.” – Mark Karsch, owner of Cloudsuppliers

Position Your IT Company Online With Cloudsuppliers

Your tech company needs a partner that understands technology. At Cloudsuppliers, we combine our marketing knowledge with years of experience in cloud, data centers and hosting to provide you with a marketing strategy that effectively speaks to your audience. We speak your language.

Want to learn more about what Cloudsuppliers can do for your business? Contact us and we’ll set up a call to discuss the possibilities.