Client cases - HyperOps

Client case: HyperOps

How HyperOps is Paving the Way for an International Breakthrough…

The customer: Founded in 2004, Lithuania based cloud hosting and consulting company HyperOps is building its core activities in its home markets while also looking to further expand its business internationally. Leveraging vast knowledge and experience in the fields of hosting and managing mission critical systems and applications, the company has been successful in offering reliable and 24/7 accessible services to clients worldwide.

The mission:

  1. Establish HyperOps as a thought leader in the field of DevOps
  2. Creating a marketing and content strategy that allows for international expansion
  3. Gaining leads through promoting targeted online events through multiple channels

DevOps Expertise

With the aid of Cloudsuppliers, HyperOps has been able to increase its marketing efforts and is rapidly making a name for itself as a thought leader in the fields of DevOps and managed hosting of critical systems, preparing a solid foundation for further growth.

“Over the years, we as a company have gained cutting edge knowledge in all things DevOps.” Deividas Olišauskas at HyperOps says.

“Our clients have their own development teams, but preparing DevOps infrastructure and setuping it according to their specific needs is not their core business. It gives us the skills and knowledge to support the development team at our customers by offering our experiences at any time they need it.”

“Clients find this invaluable, as while most have their own software development teams, DevOps infrastructure and tools management is not their core business.”

“We offer a unique mix of infrastructure and expertise in DevOps processes with full management.”

A Local Marketing Approach

With DevOps and IT infrastructure maintenance as their core activity, the next step for HyperOps is to communicate their skills and knowledge to a wider audience.

“We needed to get our name out there,” Olišauskas said. “Lithuania is a small country, but it offers a lot of potential with relative high levels of technological talent and companies that are always looking at new ways to increase their competitiveness. The market is very dynamic.”

To make a name for itself and increase their marketing efforts, HyperOps contacted Cloudsuppliers, a Netherlands based marketing and content agency specialized in supporting IT infrastructure providers.

“They take a very personal approach, and they tailored their services to our needs right from the start,” Olišauskas recalls.

“They know the local market and have local project managers, while at the same time have a very international outlook. They had a lot of experience in organizing online events specifically aimed at the IT market, and they know how to create an international go-to strategy. Cloudsuppliers had a proposition that suited us in both the short and the long terms.”

Reaching Audiences through a Multi-Pronged Strategy

“Over the course of 2.5 months, Cloudsuppliers created a strategy and developed content aimed at positioning HyperOps as a leader in the field of DevOps”, Mark Karsch, CEO of Cloudsuppliers explained.

“We leveraged all possible channels for this: Social media, online advertising and print advertising. It was all very targeted and with our stated goals firmly in mind. It all went very smoothly.” The first project that involved Cloudsuppliers was the organization and promotion of a webinar aimed to further solidify the standing of HyperOps as a thought leader in the DevOps arena. “It was quite comprehensive, so we chose to go in-depth into the subject matter, with multiple of our specialists sharing their insight over the course of 1.5 hours,” Olišauskas explained. “We aimed at quality rather than quantity by appealing to a very targeted audience.”

“We learned a lot from Cloudsuppliers,” Olišauskas said.

“We had little experience with this kind of marketing.” The campaign hit its attendance targets pretty comfortably with a fairly high attendance-to-lead conversion rate. “It has met and, at certain points, even exceeded our expectations.”

Based on the success of the webinar, HyperOps is already planning new webinars and is discussing new content possibilities with Cloudsuppliers.

“Our next goal is to grow our DevOps business abroad, starting in neighboring Latvia,” Olišauskas said. “Having a marketing and content partner in Cloudsuppliers that has such an international outlook will certainly be an advantage.”