Client cases - Dutch Cloud Community

Client case: Dutch Cloud Community

The customer: Dutch Cloud Community (DCC). A new trade association of hosting and cloud providers in the Netherlands, born from the merger of two existing organizations: ISPConnect and the DHPA.

The mission:

  1. Manage the public image and the positioning of the brand Dutch Cloud Community
  2. Manage and grow the network of partners of Dutch Cloud Community
  3. Manage the content on the website and the backoffice of the web presence

The approach:

Cloudsuppliers took charge of the brand of Dutch Cloud Community by actively managing the various social media channels of the merging organizations and integrating them into the dedicated DCC channels. A list of topics and a calendar were developed and rolled out gradually.

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Cloudsuppliers also took ownership of the technical management of the website and social media channels. The CS specialists were able to reduce latency to make for faster loading of the pages, and to implement analytics and automation on the backend of the site.

Social media and website content were aligned to achieve message focus throughout the channels, and optimized through analytics.

Analytics also supplied the tools for optimizing the service to the partner network, improve reporting and develop the messaging further. As a result the partner renewal rate improved, and the network of new partners expanded at a fast pace.

Mark Karsch (CEO Cloudsuppliers ): “Working with DCC connects us to the heart of the Dutch cloud, voice and hosting industry. If you are looking to further your business within the Netherlands, DCC is the right place to start. Currently we work with partners to help connect their marketing department to the DCC members. We’ve developed several new content advertising and event concepts.”

Note: Some examples of DCC partners are Kingston Technologies, Cohesity, Lenovo, Ynvolve and Zicht adviseurs.

Please visit the DCC website if you are also considering to become a partner or if you want to know what they are about!