Client cases - Improved Lead Generation for ACC ICT

Client Case: Improved Lead Generation for ACC ICT

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Client Case: Improved Lead Generation for ACC ICT

Cloudsuppliers was hired by ACC ICT to improve the conversion rate in their sales funnel. In this client case we’ll break down the entire process and what to take into account when making an ad campaign more efficient.

ACC ICT is a specialist in IT continuity that provides services for organizations in various industries. They develop and maintain business-critical applications for – among others – governments, logistics and finance. The company was founded in 1977, and has since grown into an established name in the IT industry and a trusted partner for many long-term clients.

Optimizing ACC ICT’s Marketing Campaigns

ACC ICT already ran ads on platforms such as LinkedIn and Google for their lead generation strategy. They hired Cloudsuppliers in order to optimize their campaigns and improve their conversion tracking.

As a specialist in IT marketing, we at Cloudsuppliers know exactly how to position an IT company like ACC ICT in the market. The fact that we combine expertise in both IT and marketing made us the perfect partner for ACC ICT in this project.

“ACC ICT is an innovative company with decades of experience in IT. They entrusted us with the task of managing and optimizing their marketing campaign, just like they manage and optimize the applications of their clients. They were open to our ideas and collaborated with us in order to get the right marketing strategy in place. They proved to be truly open towards innovation, even in their approach to marketing.”

–         Mark Karsch, CEO of Cloudsuppliers

Conversion Rate Optimization in Three Steps

The process consisted of many different aspects, but everything revolved around optimizing the conversion rate. The entire process can be broken down into three steps:

Step 1: Analyzing the Funnel

The first step was to take a critical look at ACC ICT’s sales funnel. How are they reaching their audience? Which steps are involved in turning leads into sales-qualified leads? Which information is shown to leads – and what’s missing from it? By asking these types of questions we got a better understanding of the sales funnel, which allowed us to pinpoint where optimization was needed.

Step 2: Optimizing the Copy and the Landing Pages

Now that we had a clear understanding of ACC ICT’s marketing campaigns, we could start making improvements to it. We segmented their audience into subcategories, modified the copy and optimized it for conversion, improved the landing pages, and improved the targeting in the Google Ads campaigns.

Optimizing the ad campaigns resulted in more efficient lead generation. This allowed ACC ICT to generate more leads for less money, because the funnel was methodically optimized to target their core audience.

Step 3: Split Testing and Conversion Tracking

In order to create a more efficient marketing campaign, it was necessary to gain a clear insight into the results. By setting up conversion tracking, we were able to see exactly which channels were generating our traffic and how they were performing.

By split testing different variants of our campaigns we discovered the most effective approach and doubled down on it.

We created comprehensive reports on an interactive analytics platform of the data we collected throughout all the testing. ACC ICT adopted this system to get better insights into the results of their campaigns.

“We’re happy with our collaboration with Cloudsuppliers. Step by step, the collaboration is leading towards a better optimization of the ad campaigns, which target our core audience more effectively. Our campaigns are now running with a more efficient CPA (Cost per Acquisition).”

–         Lucien Luijkx, Marketing Manager at ACC ICT

Let Professional IT Marketers Optimize Your Marketing

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