How a Company Career Website Can Strengthen Your Business

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Why do some of the biggest brands in the world have a separate company career website for job openings? Tech brands like Netflix, Google, and Meta already leverage career websites to attract new talent. In this article we’ll dive into what career websites are, their benefits, and how you can leverage them to strengthen your brand.
How a Company Career Website Can Strengthen Your Business

What Is a Company Career Website?

A company career website is a separate website dedicated to hiring new talent. This is sometimes also referred to as a career page or a hiring website. Your career website is solely targeted towards job seekers, and will contain all the information they need to apply to new jobs and prepare to work for your company.

Many – often smaller – businesses create a section on their company website dedicated to careers. For businesses that are serious about their hiring process, it’s best to create a separate website for this purpose. In this article we’ll highlight some of the main advantages of creating a separate career website as opposed to using your main company website for hiring.

Advantage 1: Attract New Talent Through Your Company Career Website

One of the main reasons to create a company career website is to attract new talent to your company. By creating a professional career website, you can stand out from other businesses in your industry.

On your career website, you can write copy specifically targeted towards new talent looking for a job in your industry. By having an entire website dedicated to recruiting new talent, you have plenty of digital real estate to explain to them why your company is the best company to work for.

Since the career website is separated from your commercial website, you can go more in-depth with the job information without cluttering your commercial website. Each job opening can have a separate subpage based on the role and location. This way you’ll provide potential recruits all the information they need about a certain position. This also has many SEO benefits, which we’ll discuss later.

What is a company career website?

Advantage 2: Share Your Company Values on Your Career Website

A career website is a great way to share your company values. Every organization has its own culture. The sooner you instill the values of your company’s culture into new talent, the better.

Since your main website is focused on generating new leads, having a separate career website dedicated to job seekers allows you to target them more specifically. Since they’ll want to know more about the company they’re going to work for, you can extensively educate them on your company values.

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Advantage 3: Seamlessly Onboard New Recruits

Another benefit of a company career website is that you can make it easier for new employees to start at your company. You can provide them all the right resources and can train them even before they’re part of your organization.

Seamlessly Onboard New Recruits

Having all the right information on the career website helps new employees to have a better onboarding experience. This in turn benefits your company, as new employees understand what is expected of them right from the start. This saves your company time and money, since you have a more efficient onboarding process.

Advantage 4: The SEO Benefits of a Recruitment-Focused Website

An easily overlooked benefit of having a career website for your company is SEO. With a separate career website you can more specifically optimize for certain SEO keywords.

By having your commercial website separated from your career website, you can separate the SEO keywords targeted on both websites. This is beneficial for both websites.

Since this career website will be solely focused on recruitment, job openings, and company values, you can target only keywords relevant to those topics. This helps you build topical authority within a different niche than your main website. This in turn gets you better SEO results.

Let’s Take Your Recruiting to the Next Level

Is your company growing rapidly, and do you need a better way to hire new recruits and educate them? A career website can be a great asset to your business.

We at Cloudsuppliers can build a professional website to help your career website stand out. Because we believe that great marketing starts with a great website.

As marketing experts we’ll also write the content, SEO-optimized to help you rank at the top of Google. This way you’ll organically reach your future employees when they search for a company like yours.

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