The best sales and marketing strategy for wholesale telecom carriers

The best sales and marketing strategy for wholesale telecom carriers

In this article we will discuss the best sales and marketing strategy for wholesale telecom carriers. What is the reason Amsterdam is so popular for wholesale telecom carriers?

Discover the best sales, business development and marketing strategy for wholesale telecom carriers and how to become successful in the Amsterdam connectivity market.

Amsterdam carrier connectivity and data center hub

Amsterdam is one of the biggest carrier connectivity and data center hubs in the world. Many of the world’s leading cloud and digital media platforms are all located in Amsterdam data centers.

According to the Dutch Data Center Association (DDA), The Netherlands has a unique data center position, because it is both a colocation hub and a hyperscale cluster. (“Netherlands Data Center Market | 2022 – 27 – Mordor Intelligence”) This makes Amsterdam the second-largest data center market in Europe after London.

The Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) is one of the largest hubs for internet traffic in the world.

Although the Amsterdam market is mature, there are still many opportunities for new wholesale telecom carriers to do business in The Netherlands. But what is the best sales and marketing strategy for wholesale telecom carriers? How do these carriers win business and find new local customers?

3 ways carriers win business and find new customers

Wholesale telecom carriers looking to expand in The Netherlands need to understand that traditional sales, marketing and business development is no longer effective.

Dutch enterprises, internet service providers (ISP) and digital media customers are very assertive. Customer stakeholders all have different information requirements and unique buying criteria.

There are 3 examples that wholesale telecom carriers can use to win business from Dutch enterprise, ISP, and media customers:

  1. Provide excellent customer experience and service.
  2. Be highly flexible and deliver constant quality.
  3. Challenge customers and provide new unique insights (teach how to lower cost, how to improve efficiency and how to mitigate risk).

6 target customer segments for wholesale telecom carriers

How do wholesale telecom carriers find new customers and which segments should they focus on?

We recommend that carriers optimize their marketing communications strategy and value sales pitch to each of the following 6 customer segments. The customers in these 6 segments depend on excellent network and internet connectivity, either for their own business needs or for reselling purposes to their end-customers:

  1. Enterprise
  2. Digital media
  3. Cloud
  4. Connectivity
  5. System Integrators
  6. Other technology partner

Wholesale telecom carriers project investments for case studies

We recommend that wholesale telecom carriers start writing as many customer case studies as possible. Case studies are highly valued as exposure to new customers and as such writing as many as possible is a good strategy.

Consider investing in selective deals with your ideal prospects, especially when entering a new market. Even though this may mean that the deal is not immediately profitable at all. These deals can be converted to successful case studies, that you can then use to convince other prospects to also start buying your connectivity services.

Any special conditions and discounts should only be provided, under the condition that you can convert these new customers to winning customer case studies. Customer references and story-telling in case studies are extremely important. Especially if you are a wholesale telecom carrier building up momentum and entering a new market.

Business development and sales tips for wholesale telecom carriers

Below are 6 sales and business development tips for wholesale telecom carriers.

  1. Combine traditional business development (calling, email, conference) with new social selling skills (LinkedIn, Google AdWords, Video Case studies, Download follow ups).
  2. Request leads and participation in joint customer case studies, if you provide a special discount or reward a purchase contract to local ecosystem partners.
  3. Hire and secure the right business development sales specialists for a minimum of two years.
  4. Always contact at least 3 different executives of your prospects via different media (call, LinkedIn, e-mail, conference, personal ref.) until engagement success.
  5. Do not bet all on one horse (example: speak to multiple executives at the same prospect like a director, VP, Procurement, IT manager).
  6. Do not spend all your marketing budget on one big event in the local market. Look for smaller niche events and unique sponsoring opportunities to grow brand awareness in the community.

Why do successful carriers select a local marketing strategy agency?

Every market is unique. We recommend that carriers select a local marketing strategy agency like Cloudsuppliers.

They can help carriers navigate through the local market, make introductions, grow community brand awareness, and select the right events to maximize exposure.

A local marketing strategy agency can also help you generate local content and distribute it to the right channels and customers.

Successful Go To Market and local marketing strategy for carriers

There is still an enormous potential for carriers to grow and become successful in The Netherlands, even though the market is mature and extremely competitive.

The key is finding the right partner to help you unlock the potential, rise from the noise in the market and connect with the right customers with your unique story.

The right local partner will create a successful Go To Market strategy for wholesale telecom carriers.

Contact Cloudsuppliers to discuss the best sales and marketing strategy for wholesale telecom carriers today.

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