How to brainstorm content for your MSP clients.

How to brainstorm content for your MSP clients.

Your company’s blog isn’t just a frivolous place to post press releases, new employee profiles and maybe a few SEO-driven articles once a quarter. In fact, Hubspot found that 41% of buyers view at least 3-5 pieces of content before even making their interest known to a firm. Plus, this study found that companies with a business blog earn 67% more leads per month than those without one.

A dedicated place to tell your story, underline your values and USPs and illustrate why a customer should trust you, your company blog can be leveraged as one of the most powerful tools to gain customers. That is, if you know what kind of content to create.

Creative angles about your services

Your potential customers don’t want to read content that is regurgitated from your services pages. On your blog, you need to find creative ways to tell more about your services. For example, explain the importance of a service you offer through a recent news item. You also want to relate to real questions or concerns they have or might be discussing in the office and the boardroom.

The questions you get asked

Speaking of questions — there are definitely questions you get about your MSP and services all the time. But, occasionally, you’ll get a question that you’ve never heard before. This is a great opportunity to turn that answer into a blog post. More than just providing a unique angle to speak on, it allows you to answer a question for customers that might come up again.

Write for different stakeholders

An article topic that hooks an IT manager isn’t the same kind of article that will influence a decision-maker like a CTO. Your blog needs to be a reflection of the different stakeholders that may come across your company and speak directly to them.

Flex your industry expertise

People want to have confidence in the people running your company, too. Think pieces by your c-suite leaders and even your engineers can be a great way to flex your expertise to customers who are trying to learn more about you, how you think and how you work.

Show off client success stories

Case study, testimonial, client success story — whatever you call them, these blog posts are imperative to gaining the trust of your potential customers. Writing about different problems or situations and how you solved them, or even created better outcomes than expected, is an important piece of your marketing puzzle.

Where to start?

Let us be honest with you — marketers aren’t writers. Plus, you’re busy enough as it is. You don’t have time to strategize, write and market all of your company’s content. Here at Cloudsuppliers, we have a team of knowledgeable, tech-savvy project managers and writers who will grasp your concept quickly and run with it.

Our project managers are here to bounce ideas off of just as much as they are to help you strategize. Then creating informative content that converts, our dedicated team of writers works as an extension of your team to deliver successful campaigns.

Get in touch to chat with us about what we can create for you, today.