Varity Group announces investment in young entrepreneurs and welcomes Remco Straaten of ClassICT


Zaandam, August 29, 2023 – The Varity Group, a consortium of collaborating MSPs (Managed Service Providers), including Trans-iX and SIS Automatisering, is further expanding its presence by investing in the young entrepreneurs of the future.

As part of its strategic vision, the group is pleased to welcome Remco Straaten, founder of the promising company ClassICT, as one of its initial partners. The Varity Group recognizes the unparalleled innovation and creativity that young entrepreneurs bring to the business world. With the rise of entrepreneurial spirit and technological advancement, it’s crucial to provide these entrepreneurs with a platform to grow and flourish. As part of its long-term strategy, the Varity Group has decided to invest in startups and guide them through each stage of their development.

“As the Varity Group, we strongly believe in the potential of young entrepreneurs to create breakthrough ideas and innovations that will shape the industries of tomorrow,” stated Diederik Wennekes, CEO of the Varity Group. “Our goal is to bridge the gap between experienced businesspeople and these promising start-ups to create a productive environment in which ideas can thrive and successful businesses can grow.”

In line with this vision, the Varity Group has enthusiastically welcomed Remco Straaten on board. As founder of ClassICT, Remco has demonstrated exceptional talent and leadership. ClassICT, a company that focuses on business infrastructures within SMEs, has impressed the industry for its tremendous growth in the Limburg landscape.

“It is truly a dream for me to be part of a cool team. In my search, I looked for a party I could trust and which would not run away from my age or vision. The Varity Group was directly involved in my venture, and they were eager to help me grow in this market,” said Remco Straaten. “This partnership will allow me and the Varity Group to increase our impact and expand our reach as we strive for innovation and growth within the ICT market.”

The Varity Group and ClassICT are committed to jointly focusing their efforts on creating a favorable environment for entrepreneurs of all sizes. With this investment in young talent and entrepreneurship, the Varity Group hopes to have a lasting impact on the business world and society as a whole.


About the Varity Group
The Varity Group is a leading investment company dedicated to fostering innovation and growth in a variety of sectors. With a rich history of successful investment and business development, the group strives to support and inspire new generations of entrepreneurs.

About ClassICT
ClassICT is a growing company that focuses on ICT & Telecom infrastructures of companies within SMEs. Founded by Remco Straaten, ClassICT has quickly gained recognition for its tremendous growth in the Limburg landscape. ClassICT is determined to lead the industry in innovation and excellence.