Why IT Companies Should Outsource their Marketing

Why IT Companies Should Outsource their Marketing

The concept of delegating a company’s business process to third parties or external agencies, more commonly known as outsourcing, has gone through a lot of heated debates through the years. It was often criticized as damaging the country’s economy, creating risks of losing your intellectual property, potentially resulting in low-quality service or product, enabling slave labor… and the list goes on. But even at the end of that list, outsourcing remains as one of the most common practices for many modern and successful businesses.

To outsource a part of your business does not mean to betray your country, divide the company or disparage your reputation, no, it simply means to find the best possible way to make your business grow and become as successful as it possibly can be by using all the available options in the world. Most of today’s thriving companies have fully embraced this practice, and many have even outsourced their business-critical IT infrastructures, but still, they keep their marketing in-house when it’s not even their core business. It’s time to stop for a second and ask yourself a very simple question – why

The main point of outsourcing is to allow yourself and your team to do what you do best and focus on your core competency while reducing costs at the same time.

Focus on your core business

We all know just how valuable a company’s time can be and wasting it on any unnecessary issues can be devastating to the business. Division of labor is not just an option to consider, it is a must for any successful organization. It has become common practice already to outsource your development team, customer service, accounting department, IT support and many other facets of business, so why not marketing as well?

Some business leaders shy away from allowing an outside source to handle the marketing department due to the risk of hiring incompetent marketers who might ruin the company reputation. Other points against it may include the fact that sometimes the outside marketers might not be easily accessible, or they may not know the local market so well, or that they simply might not care as much for your business as you expect them to. This is where Cloudsuppliers steps in.

Change is embedded at the core of progress, change is driven by the IT industry in our society, and we must embrace the digital revolution that keeps going forward.

Leave it to the experts

Cloudsuppliers is built by experts for experts, and we can be part of the change your business needs to reach the next level of progress. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals coming from companies like LeaseWeb, Interoute, ZDNet, Computable, and Proact.

With extensive experience in IT and data center sector, our main goal is to optimize and support the sales and marketing processes of hosting and cloud providers, datacenter and connectivity suppliers. We do this by providing sales, marketing and PR services based on our years of experience in the cloud and connectivity industry. This way our customers connect to their target groups, realize their goals and we bring about change together.

It is time for the IT companies to practice what they preach and leave the expert work to the experts who can do a better job more efficiently because that is what they specialize in. There is no need to try and make do with what you have in-house, marketing is a key factor for the overall success of a company so give it the proper treatment it needs and