Event Strategy and Management

Event marketing for IT companies

Event marketing and a comprehensive event strategy are a must for a B2B tech company. Trade shows, conferences, and fairs are great for building strong relationships with potential customers and networking your way to success.

But, preparation for an event can take months of planning and is often too much for one company to manage alongside all of their other marketing efforts. This is why the Cloudsuppliers team offers a full range of event management services. We handle everything before, during and after the event, from generating publicity to scheduling networking meetings and on-site support.

Cloudsuppliers’ comprehensive event strategy and management

Cloudsuppliers provides professional event promotion and production services to support and strengthen our client’s brand awareness and generate leads. Our main goal is to help you prepare for the event, starting with promotional marketing campaigns across various communication channels. If desired, we can also assist during the event, remotely and even on-site. Once the event wraps up, we’ll initiate follow-up marketing activities to maximize the potential ROI of the event.

We believe that a company’s success at these events depends on comprehensive preparation. To achieve this, we focus on these three key strategies:

  • Social media marketing
  • Digital marketing
  • Public relations

Why is event marketing important for your company?

It might seem like event marketing is one of the most expensive advertising and communication efforts. When done right, event marketing investments bring significant ROI while establishing a reputable brand image.

Our satisfied clients

Clients are our strongest asset. Without them, there is no us.

For the Spark AI Conference in Amsterdam in 2019, Hostkey partnered with Cloudsuppliers to help with the sales. Not only did we facilitate social media content, but we also made sure that the sales team had the right support to close deals on the spot. We achieved this by supplying data and additional sales resources on the ground to help and set up interviews for their CEO with different journalists. – Dmitry Asafyev, Marketing Manager at Hostkey